On many occasions our right as customer are fully constrained almost we have neither the right to complain. And there are many example of company or sector that enjoy a dominant position on the consumer. This is a case real? I take my auto to the trader for a check. Parked it in the right place and I go to the client service desk. Clients Software can be quite valuable in situations like this. Good morning. He brought glitter shoes the car to do a review of the X thousand kilometers. I also wanted to look at this this other thing and this beyond. Wait I take that budget. We volition come out in 2 100 euro the budget is 30 euros. Are you going to charge for the budget? Is a service that we give you volition not want to work for free . . . Man do not tell me . .. Besides I had already taken the Internetbudget replied so please anleme the budget bill. Ah that HA taken the Internetbudget Tell me the counter smiling. So sure in your client file HA gotten bank account number right? Well I inform you that you have been charged 10 euro in your account. Well I tin not believe. Give me the key Im leaving. Im afraid that is not possible the auto we have already gotten into the workshop. Well yes it is possible but if you want to take red pumps now would pay 20 dollar for the inconvenience. This is amazing muttered. Well ailment leave it for me to do the review which he need and tomorrow I volition come and get him. As you wish. The next day I leave work and go to the trader as soon as I tin as I need the car. Hey coming for my car. Oh I do not know if you should be . .. As it has warned that coming ... must notify in time man But if I told you yesterday that today would come after him and did not put any hits. The fact is that we have left this morn to borrow another client who needed it and of class if you had told us we would have here you would have called us before. I do not understand I want to talk to the head of the franchise I want to file a claim. I talk to the boss and after struggling with it I get to bring my car. I volition pay the measure and I find another surprise. - And these twenty euros? boy of the escrow service and we care your car. Or perhaps what it would cost to have it in a parking lot? Christian Louboutin Sheepskin Short Boots Wrinkle Pay the measure and Im out of there quickly before they tin think of another thing you charge me. I pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming or this is real, I feel so amazing .. . This case is not as unlikely as it seems extraordinary the only thing I have done is change the application sector. What would happen if we apply it to the bank? americium I charged for the budget? Study group have the operation gap . . . What if I make net minutes in which I volition not work but I? Also of class but usually different rates tin charge simply by having the electronic banking service available make transportation and so on. I just put the auto and I want to take and intend to charge. In banking, it can happen. For example, money income at eleven Christian Louboutin Suede Pumps Black one. Then I leave the bank and go to a coffeehouse with WLAN and from there I order a transfer from my account (which I charged the appropriate fee of course). Prove that the money paid after 11 have a value date of the next day and therefore appear as he had no balance today (in review) so I charged the commission. Christian Louboutin Black Leather With Red Toe Pumps I have not been warned I wanted to high heel shoes get my money that I have in the bank and as it was a relatively large had to notifying them in advance. This is related to the , which as I have said on occasion, is that somehow defines how much cash banks must have. So if someone privation to withdraw a large amount of money even if the balance in the account notify and obviously do not have all the money saved from their customer in the safe. And in relation to minimum but its my money use it to lend and do business. But not content with it (and with little or nothing remunerarme leave it there) I red bottom shoes charge for the detention for illustration a care charge. Reclaim reclaim I told the individual that I attended. We know that you have to fight hard to get recover a fee charged by a financial institution. How could it not be so if they have the upper hand. To collect it as they handle the account make the corresponding charge and ready. Pay it, undo the operation, should be more complicated ... (note in this case there is also the possibility of making a ailment to the Bank of Espana which receives thousand each year). What in the financial sector that the pink heels story does not seem so amazing?
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